collation, encoding, code page, locale, sorting, comparison, LCID, T-SQL, TSQL, SQL Server 2018-10-15 18-4
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collation, encoding, code page, locale, sorting, comparison, LCID, T-SQL, TSQL, SQL Server 
  1. How to create Unicode stored procedure parameter names
  2. Accent Sensitive Sort
  3. Collate issues with wrong characters
  4. Can't update “CO2” to “CO₂” in table row
  5. Can old collation type impact database performance?
  6. Where can I find exact rules of a collation?
  7. SELECT query: filter unable to distinguish between two different characters
  8. Saving into a VARCHAR(MAX) throwing error in some scenarios
  9. Why is mixing column collations in a single database considered bad?
  10. Encoding issue with SQL Server VARCHAR column retrieved in Python
  11. Database collation different from tempdb collation
  12. SQL Server: Collation of the resource database
  13. SSIS Catalogue Inaccessible After Server Collation Change
  14. SQL Server: Cannot resolve collation conflict between “Latin1_General_CI_AS” and “[garbage]”
  15. Can database objects be made case insensitive while keeping strings case sensitive?
  16. SQL Server Collation for Arabic, Hebrew, English and French
  17. Storing Japanese characters in a table
  18. How To Strip Hebrew Accent Marks
  19. What collation to use for Ukraine?
  20. Automatic Translation when Converting Unicode to non-Unicode / NVARCHAR to VARCHAR
  21. How do I set a SQL Server Unicode / NVARCHAR string to an emoji or Supplementary Character?
  22. SQL Server Bulk Insert properly interprets some Unicode characters but not others?
  23. Character Conversion Issue Importing From CSV File
  24. DB collation is used for comparison instead of column collation
  25. Contained DB Collation error
  26. “String or binary data would be truncated” error copying nvarchar(10) to char(10)
  27. Latin1_General_BIN performance impact when changing the database default collation
  28. Why does MS SQL Server return a result for empty string check when Unicode string is not empty
  29. N'Șc' considered duplicate key of N'C' using Latin1_General_CI_AS collation
  30. Why isn't Unicode character REPLACEd in some cases?
  31. Does any DBMS have a collation that is both case-sensitive and accent-insensitive?
  32. inserting a special character into a table
  33. How to disable case sensitivity in SQL Server 2012?
  34. Replace special characters in a column with space
  35. Why are there different Database Collations for different languages?
  36. Trigger to change Database collation on creation
  37. Change the server Collation
  38. Setting and Changing the Server Collation after installation
  39. Collation conflict … Could not use dbo.sysdac_instances
  40. Error 468 MS SQL Server : Couldn't resolve collation conflict between Arabic_CI_AI and Arabic_CI_AS when enumerating publications
  41. Cannot remove char 0x0000 from NVARCHAR column
  42. Why do two identical strings have a different length but the same binary value?
  43. SQL Server 2008R2 database migration to cloud: case-insensitive collation changed to case-sensitive
  44. Why do I see foreign characters when decoding a Base64 string to NVARCHAR in SQL Server?
  45. Cannot resolve the collation conflict between “SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS” and “Latin1_General_CI_AI”
  46. Why does using Format vs Right to apply padding cause estimated number of rows to dramatically change?
  47. TSQL Script Execution Through Power shell, Special Characters Rendering Problem
  48. Making collations uniform across multiple SQL Server 2008 databases
  49. Why can't object names start with a number?
  50. (MySQL) Are utf8_bin and utf8_general_cs the same?
  51. What are the rules for using COLLATE?

  1. SQL Server default character encoding
  2. Why is SQL Server Big Endian?
  3. WHERE equals condition returns mapped Unicode (fullwidth) results
  4. What does 'COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS' do?
  5. Can SQL Server SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS be safely converted to Latin1_General_CI_AS?
  6. TSQL md5 hash different to C# .NET md5
  7. Why is '१२३' numeric?
  8. Insert rows with Unicode characters using BCP
  9. Why does filtering on a range match the wrong case when using a Case Sensitive collation?
  10. SQL Server returns ??? when column is updated with Thai characters
  11. Why is Turkish Lira symbol ₺ replaced with ? in SQL server 2008 database
  12. What is the point of COLLATIONS for nvarchar (Unicode) columns?
  13. What are the main performance differences between varchar and nvarchar SQL Server data types?
  14. What is the difference between NVarchar, Bin collation, Bin2 collation?
  15. Can sql server give me a warning if I try and insert unicode without the N prefix
  16. Converting accented characters in varchar() to XML causing “illegal XML character”
  17. Unable to return query Thai data
  18. Unicode to Non-unicode conversion
  19. LIKE ignores magic Unicode character
  20. Replace Unicode characters in T-SQL
  21. SQL Server case insensitive queries
  22. UTF-8 Support, SQL Server 2012 and the UTF8String UDT
  23. UCS-2 and SQL Server
  24. Changing the collation of a SQL Server 2012 database
  25. SQL Server 2012- Server collation and database collation
  26. SQL Server - defining an XML type column with UTF-8 encoding
  27. Double-byte string comparison in C#
  28. SQL Server nvarchar N prefix for varchar fields
  29. Why did TSQL treat “sofia” as being the same as “sofia”? What string encoding is this?
  30. SQL Server: set character set (not collation)
  31. SQL server filtering CJK punctuation characters
  32. SQL Server Linked Server to PostgreSQL Turkish Character Issue
  33. SQL Server Column names case sensitivity
  34. When using Entity Framework with MySQL, Unicode characters are replaced with standard ASCII characters
  35. Choosing a binary collation that can differentiate between 'ss' and 'ß' for nvarchar column in Sql Server

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collation, encoding, code page, locale, sorting, comparison, LCID, T-SQL, TSQL, SQL Server 2018-10-15 18-4