collation, encoding, code page, locale, sorting, comparison, LCID, T-SQL, TSQL, SQL Server 2021-9-16 20-26
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collation, encoding, code page, locale, sorting, comparison, LCID, T-SQL, TSQL, SQL Server
Suggestions ( for SQL Server )
  1. Please add missing properties to COLLATIONPROPERTY built-in function and/or sys.fn_helpcollations()
  2. Support "natural sorting" / DIGITSASNUMBERS as a Collation option
  3. Allow collation set by variable when using the COLLATE clause (at least in expressions)
  4. Add special collation INSTANCE_DEFAULT to work like COLLATE DATABASE_DEFAULT but uses instance's default collation
  5. UTF-8 in SQL 2019: Add Turkish_100_BIN2_UTF8 collation to handle Turkish / Azeri case mappings for "i" and "I"
  6. Support standard escape sequences in strings (e.g. unescape "\t" into CHAR(9), "\n" into CHAR(10), etc)
  7. Update Collation of Partition Functions and User-Defined Table Types via SQLSERVR -Q
  8. NCHAR() function should always return Supplementary Character for values 0x10000 - 0x10FFFF regardless of active database's default collation

  1. BIN2 collations do not come through SqlCompareOptions of SqlString
  2. SSMS 17.3 IntelliSense does not recognize CATALOG_DEFAULT as a valid collation
  3. SSMS 17.3 IntelliSense collation-related validations do not adjust for Contained Databases
  4. SSMS 17.3 IntelliSense validates temporary stored procedures using case-sensitive comparison even on a case-insensitive instance
  5. Contained Databases use TempDB Collation for Temporary Stored Procedure names instead of CATALOG_DEFAULT
  6. new TRANSLATE function syntax not recognized by SSMS 17.3   – Fixed (in SSMS 18.0)
  7. UTF-8 in SQL 2019: NVARCHAR to VARCHAR(MAX) can get Msg 8152 "String or binary data would be truncated"   – Fixed
  8. UTF-8 in SQL 2019: Binary UTF-8 Collations are missing   – Fixed (in CTP 3.0)
  9. UTF-8 in SQL 2019: Invalid UTF-8 bytes get (Msg 682, Level 22, State 148) Internal error. Buffer provided to read column value is too small.   – Fixed
  10. UTF-8 in SQL 2019: Inconsistent handling of invalid UTF-8 byte sequences
  11. UTF-8 in SQL 2019: Collation Precedence allows for Unicode character data loss concatenating UTF8 with higher precedence non-UTF8 VARCHAR
  12. UTF-8 in SQL 2019: An error occurred while executing batch. Error message is: Internal connection fatal error. Error state: 15, Token : 0   – Fixed
  13. UTF-8 in SQL 2019: Install fails with "Could not find the Database Engine startup handle." if a Unicode-only Collation is selected   – Fixed (in CTP 2.5)
  14. UTF-8 in SQL 2019: Collation Precedence allows for silent truncation (data loss) implicitly converting Extended ASCII characters into UTF8
  15. xp_logininfo gets "Msg 468, Level 16, State 9: Cannot resolve the collation conflict..." when DB collation doesn't match instance collation
  16. sp_validname incorrectly returns 1 / true if name being checked contains code point U+FFFF which is invalid, even for delimited identifiers
  17. QUOTENAME considers 0xFFFF to be valid, but needs to return NULL if that character exists in input value
  18. Restoring databases into newer versions of SQL Server will create missing Internal Tables with incorrect collation
  19. "\U" Unicode escape sequence for strings accepts invalid value instead of raising error (Mono project)
  20. Documentation editor does not allow saving certain Unicode characters (maybe just supplementary characters) (Mozilla Developer Network / MDN)
  21. UNICODE() function sometimes returns incorrect value when input is an invalid surrogate pair of only a high-surrogate code point

Documentation Updates / Corrections

collation, encoding, code page, locale, sorting, comparison, LCID, T-SQL, TSQL, SQL Server 2021-9-16 20-26